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Hi, we are Living Online, a Perth-based digital marketing agency.

At the start of 2018, we had the great pleasure of creating a new website for SWAN Systems.

Originally, the SWAN Systems’ website was a one-page site broken up into four sections: Benefits, Features, Functionality and Contact. It also acted as the gateway to the SWAN Systems dashboard where users could access and analyse their data.

SWAN Systems reached out to us and asked if we could create a website that would meet all of their needs as a growing business about to start strongly marketing their new product. Hands were shaken and a few months later, the new SWAN Systems WordPress website was born.

One benefit of the SWAN Systems software is that it can be used across a range of industries. That’s why it was essential that this new site properly demonstrated the individual benefits to each specific industry about how they could utilise SWAN Systems to manage their irrigation and meet their goals. This was achieved with the creation of dedicated landing pages for each of the major industries designed to both educate users who had arrived via marketing and were being exposed to the SWAN Systems brand for the first time, as well as promote to them why this was the perfect solution for their particular problems.

Other key aspects of the website included a large interactive image of the SWAN Systems dashboard to further educate prospects about the functionality that they can experience if they sign up, an About page outlining the skilled team members that make up SWAN Systems, a News section which also features blog articles and press releases, and a Contact page (utilising the Gravity Forms plug-in integrated with Zoho and MailChimp) encouraging website visitors to take the next step and request their free consultation. Animated icons, parallax scrolling images, flip boxes, sliders and pop-up brochure downloads also all work together to deliver the final SWAN Systems website experience.

An extensive partner portal is currently underway for the second stage of the SWAN Systems website where partners will be able to log in and have access to a range of sales documents, marketing materials and so much more – stay tuned!

With the new website live, our focus has turned to strategic online advertising to draw in relevant prospects. This includes customised Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook Advertising and LinkedIn Advertising campaigns aimed at both raising brand awareness as well as promoting specific industry benefits to the highly targeted, relevant audiences.

This project with SWAN Systems has been a fantastic experience, and it’s been great to work alongside such an extraordinary company. We’re incredibly proud of the work we’ve done so far and are very excited for what is yet to come in helping SWAN Systems succeed in the online space.

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