Telstra & SWAN Systems join forces for better water management in Australia

SWAN Systems is excited to announce the recent signing of a collaboration agreement with Australia’s largest telecommunications company, Telstra Services Ltd.

SWAN Systems Telstra Australia

The parties will work collectively on the development of a farm management platform, whereby SWAN’s existing software will provide precision irrigation management suggestions.

With the move to digitisation in Agribusiness, Telstra’s expansive coverage and IoT offerings in remote areas (covering over 4 million square kilometres[i] of the country) is critical for the successful adoption of new technologies such as SWAN.

At the EvokeAg tech conference in Melbourne earlier this year, Telstra’s Head of Product & Technology, Mr Kim Andersen, told the audience that facilitating enhanced water management was a key focus for their business over 2020 – something that is at the heart of the SWAN Systems philosophy.

“The partnership with Telstra is a big step forward for SWAN”, said SWAN’s CEO Tim Hyde. “The industry recognises that data alone is not enough to fully empower users; the ability to process data and deliver back predictive insights is where the true value lies. We are excited to help more users optimise their water and nutrient applications – and ultimately, obtain better yields and enable more efficient resource use.”

Telstra’s national agribusiness lead commented, “Telstra has a strong desire to play an active role in the advancement of our nation’s Agribusiness sector. To achieve this, we will need partners such as SWAN – those with the specialist skills that can help us shape national approaches. I am confident that we can deliver real value for our producers and assist in the management of our national water asset.”



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About SWAN Systems

SWAN Systems is a software platform that enables irrigators to improve yield, save money and time, and conserve resources. SWAN (which stands for Scheduling Water And Nutrients) technology is tailored to an exact geography and irrigation context; transforming historic, current and predictive data from multiples sources into actionable insights. This allows users to make better decisions about how much to irrigate and when.

The SWAN team is proudly based in Perth.