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SWAN Systems

Our Resellers are at the forefront of Environmental Monitoring, Irrigated Horticulture and Agriculture, Public Open Space, and Natural Resources Management industries who are committed to ensuring the irrigation industry is optimising water usage through effective irrigation and nutrient management.

Our resellers have proudly joined forces with SWAN Systems to help support irrigators to become more efficient, improve operations and increase levels of productivity. Working together we will assist irrigators to enhance their overall management to ensure that we are minimising our impacts on the natural environment.

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“The impacts of over irrigation of water in Australia has a profound effect on our water reserves, on our catchment health…and on our aquifers…The use of SWAN allows irrigation practitioners to be informed in advance of their irrigation requirements and thus minimises wastage of water and leaching of nutrients.”

– Richard Campbell, Hydroterra Environmental Monitoring Specialists

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Automate irrigation and nutrient management processes

Automate Processes

lower irrigation and nutrient management costs

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Increase yields of with irrigation and nutrient management software

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