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SWAN Systems Pricing

There are two components to our fees:

a) Annual software license
b) One-off initial setup fee

Annual software license

  • Unlimited number of users (5 permission levels)
  • Training
  • Ongoing support
  • Regular emailed reports as required
  • Annual account review, new season preparations

Account fee: $6,000 per account. Each operation (e.g. farm/local council/golf course) has its own account.
Fee per site: $200. A site is a management unit such as a field, block of grapes, or park.

One-off initial setup fee


  • Review of requirements
  • Assistance with setup design
  • Mapping and configuration of all sites
  • Establish data links with hardware

All prices exclude GST.

Additional charges

Certain features incur additional charges, such as:

  • Talk-back to control systems (2-way integration between SWAN and your irrigation controller)
  • Additional satellite imagery other than Landsat-8 and Sentinel-2, which are included in the above fees

Please talk to us about these options.