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Simplifying The Management Of

Water Utilities

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Effective Water Utilisation Is Vital

We understand how important it is to manage the resources required to run a recycled water program and the challenges involved in ensuring standards are maintained and complying with environment-protection conditions. We are also aware that water utilities require transparent and accountable management decisions that are based on real data.

SWAN Systems uses the latest technology to help you to:

Efficiently manage nutrient
content of water source

Efficiently manage nutrient content of water source

Monitor and report to address
compliance requirements

Monitor and report to address compliance requirements

Apply the required amount of
recycled water for irrigation

Apply the required amount of recycled water for irrigation

Precisely Plan And Manage Your Inputs

Using SWAN Systems to manage your recycled/reclaimed irrigation water project will enable you to monitor and manage nutrients applied to your irrigated areas.

The reporting functionality in SWAN Systems allows you to quickly generate reports for compliance management. Knowing the nutrient load of the recycled water used for irrigation will enable you to precisely plan and monitor the amount of nutrients being applied to your irrigated areas.

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Recycled water for irrigation

SWAN Systems will provide you with a management platform that will enable you to efficiently manage your operations, while achieving your desired goals. Community expectations on the environmental risks and benefits of using recycled/reclaimed water will be able to be met.

How It Works

Using Recycled Water For Irrigation

The Dashboard – Your Data Portal

SWAN Systems is the only software available that enables you to combine all your water and nutrient management needs in the one package.

In addition, SWAN Systems will be able to talk to your existing hardware sensors, so you will not need to replace current telemetry systems.

SWAN Systems has a range of features that will make managing your irrigation enterprise easier.

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Swan Systems Dashboard
Manage nutrients

Manage Nutrients

Lower Irrigation Costs

Lower Costs

Automate Processes

Automate Processes

Your Partner In Water And Nutrient Management

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