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We Understand Viticulture

We know that increasing costs, accessing enough water and challenges in managing valuable inputs makes succeeding in viticulture extremely difficult. That’s precisely why it’s critical to make sure that the crops you cultivate are managed efficiently to ensure you get the best yields at the lowest cost.

SWAN Systems uses the latest viticulture management software technology to help you to:

Reduce Costs &
Increase Profits

Horticulture management software to reduce costs & increase profits

Get More Out Of The
Available Water Supply

Reduce The Amount Of
Chemicals Used On Crops

Reduce chemicals used on crops with SWAN horticulture management software

Precisely Plan And Manage Your Inputs

Using SWAN Systems to manage the irrigation and nutrient needs for your viticulture crops will enable you to accurately monitor and analyse your system so that you can confidently plan what changes need to occur to achieve the best results. Optimising and applying water and nutrients to your crops when they need it will result in healthy, resilient plants that thrive rather than struggle.

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horticulture irrigation

By using SWAN Systems you can expect to see an increase in yields and returns.
No drop of water will be wasted, and the impact on the environment from viticulture enterprises will be minimised.

How It Works

Swan horticulture management software

The Dashboard – Your Data Portal

SWAN Systems is the only software available that enables you to combine all of your water and nutrient management needs in the one package.

In addition, SWAN Systems will be able to talk to your existing hardware sensors, so you will not need to replace current telemetry systems.

SWAN Systems has a range of features that will make managing your viticulture irrigation enterprise easier.

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Automate processes with SWAN horticulture management software

Automate Processes

Lower costs with SWAN horticulture management software

Lower Costs

Increase yields with SWAN horticulture management software

Increase Yields

Your Partner In Water And Nutrient Management

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