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Improving Management Of

Public Open Space

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Maintaining Quality Green Public Open Space

We know the importance that quality Public Open Space has for liveable, vibrant communities. In a world where water is often a scarce resource, we need to have smarter, more cost effective ways to use it.

SWAN Systems uses the latest technology to help you to:

Better utilise precious water
for irrigation

Open space management to better utilise water

Reduce costs associated with keeping Public Open Space green

Reduce open space water management costs with SWAN Systems

Maintain quality Public Open Space
while minimising resource use

Maintain quality Public Open Space while minimising resource use

Precisely Plan And Manage Your Inputs

Using SWAN Systems to manage the irrigation of your Public Open Space will enable you to take into account your available water and schedule your irrigation and nutrient needs according to the requirements of your plants, ensuring not a drop of water is wasted.

By optimising water utilisation you only use (and pay for) what your plants need.

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open space water management

Strong healthy plants require less water to maintain their vigour, saving you water and money, while keeping your parks and plants healthy.

How It Works

Swan Systems open space water management

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The Dashboard – Your Data Portal

SWAN Systems is the only software available that enables you to combine all your water and nutrient management needs in the one package.

In addition, SWAN Systems will be able to talk to your existing hardware sensors, so you will not need to replace current telemetry systems.

SWAN Systems has a range of features that will make managing your open space irrigation enterprise easier.

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SWAN Systems water management for open space
Save water with SWAN Systems open space water management

Save Water

Lower costs with SWAN Systems water management for open space

Lower Costs

improve public amenities

Improve Public Amenities

Your Partner In Water And Nutrient Management

Request a free discussion with one of our public open space irrigation experts to discover whether your systems are optimised.

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