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How It Works

Technology & Integration

SWAN uses a mixture of industry-best-practice crop models and tailored models based on your specific crop, variety, soil type, climate, season, irrigation system details and more to determine how much water you need at any given time. As a secure, web-based decision support system that is based on science, you can rest assured that your data is both accurate and safe.

Unlike other irrigation management products, SWAN Systems is designed to work with any hardware. This makes it very adaptable and versatile, enabling you to manage irrigation at the whole farm level in one platform; even with a mixture of infrastructure types.

Information & Benefits

Soil moisture measurement that is hardware independent

Hardware independent – use your existing hardware

Soil moisture monitoring where you own and use your data

Own and use your data

Streamline management decisions with soil moisture measurement and monitoring

Streamline management decisions

Improve plant yield and/or quality

Improve plant yield and/or quality

Save resources (water, nutrients, energy, time)

Save resources (water, nutrients, energy, time)

Protect the soil and the surrounding environment

Protect the soil and the surrounding environment

The Dashboard

SWAN’s interface is designed to be simple, intuitive and user friendly, allowing less technically-experienced staff to easily manage irrigation and crop fertiliser programs, while at the same time allowing technical people to optimally configure the system as needed.

When users log in to SWAN Systems, they are presented with a dashboard which provides them with the snapshot of their account, including information on site health, a water usage summary, a forecast soil moisture summary and a weather forecast.

To learn more about the SWAN Systems dashboard, click on the features below.

Typical SWAN Systems dashboard, explained.
Health Summary Site(s) Water Usage Systems Alerts Account Water Usage Summary Site(s) & Locations Forecast Soil Moisture Summary Nutrients Account Weather Google Map Integration

Health Summary

Provides information obtained from high resolution imagery to determine vegetation health indices (such as NDVI) for your sites. This information can be used to help identify potential crop health issues.

Site(s) Water Usage

At a glance water use information displaying which sites are under budget, on target, or over budget.

Systems Alerts

Used to bring your attention to any issues or problems relating to your sites or equipment.

Account Water Usage Summary

Display "Budget" to "Actual" water usage on a weekly basis, and also running totals for all sites in your account.

Site(s) & Locations

Shows total number of sites and groups in your account, including active, suspended and archived sites.

Forecast Soil Moisture Summary

Graphical representation of the soil moisture status of your sites for the next seven days. This allows you to quickly see whether any irrigation schedules will need to be altered.


This displays the recent planned and actual applications of the four major nutrients - nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and sulphur - allowing you to quickly see if there has been a departure from your nutrient plan.

Account Weather

The dashboard weather forecast represents an average for each day from all weather stations in your account's geographical area, providing insights into upcoming weather events that may necessitate changes to irrigation and nutrient plans.

Data is provided in table and graphical forms for easy interpretation.

Google Map Integration

Displays the location of your sites, their current soil moisture status and crop health indicators.

The Functionality

The initial set up in SWAN involves drawing a site using the integrated Google Maps function (or directly importing a KML file) which is then linked to available equipment, including weather stations, flow meters and soil moisture probes. Characteristics specific to each site, including soil and crop characteristics, water budgets, irrigation system details, and weather data sources are then configured. SWAN collects and analyses data from all of these sources and then provides information on future irrigation needs to keep predicted soil moisture in defined optimal zones.

With this information managers are able to make informed decisions to increase or decrease irrigation to ensure plants are provided with optimal water and nutrients to meet their needs.

In addition to water management, SWAN has sophisticated fertiliser planning, logging and reporting functionalities. These include being able to automatically include irrigation water nutrient loads for fertiliser planning, and reporting of usage against budgets. This has clear benefits for recycled/reclaimed water projects, but also for any fertilised fields where savings can be made by considering background water nutrient load.

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