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About Us

SWAN Systems

SWAN Systems was founded in May of 2016 by its three founding Directors – Tim Hyde, Ivor Gaylard and Rod Campbell. SWAN Systems evolved from a consultancy business AFS Agriculture with a six year history of specialist services to the irrigated agricultural sector. SWAN Systems was formed with the sole purpose of developing a web based, scalable product to facilitate the better management of water and nutrients.

Our founders collectively have over 70 years of business and farming experience and the rest of the team is made up of skilled individuals with extensive tertiary qualifications and agricultural experience.

“Our vision is to be the global industry leader in irrigation and nutrient management software. Our mission is to get there by providing irrigators with the only irrigation and nutrient management tool they will need to enable them to achieve their goals.”

The Team Behind The Technology

Tim Hyde Director SWAN Systems
Rod Campbell Director SWAN Systems
John Bussell SWAN Systems
Brenda Powell SWAN Systems
Beau Tang SWAN Systems
David Wang SWAN Systems
Angie Kings-Lynne
Martyn Roberts

Awards and Partnerships

Automate irrigation and nutrient management processes

Automate Processes

lower irrigation and nutrient management costs

Lower Costs

Increase yields of with irrigation and nutrient management software

Increase Yields

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